How to sell yourself in a job interview

Many people find this challenging because they worry they will sound like they’re showing off. It can help to think about it in a different way. You’re not showing off, you’re just explaining directly and positively, why you are right for the job.

Make a list of all your strengths and all your positive qualities and why you would be great for this role. Ask your colleagues and friends as well – sometimes other people can see these things better. Take some time to remind yourself of all your skills and experience, so that when asked, you will appear enthusiastic and committed.

‘I’ not ‘we’

When talking about successful projects or achievements make sure you give yourself full credit. It’s easy to get into the habit of talking as a team because that is often important in a work context. For example: “We achieved the targets.” However in an interview start getting used to emphasising what you did personally. For example: “I made sure that everyone understood what was required by meeting with them individually and as a result I achieved my target – along with the rest of the team.”


If you voice is monotone or very quiet then you will sound unenthusiastic and they will be less likely to believe you. Practice making your voice more engaging by really focusing on the interviewers and deliberately making what you say as interesting as possible. It can help to record your practice answers and listen to them. Try emphasising key words and slowing down your delivery as this makes the voice easier to listen to.

Body Language

Body language is also an important element when trying to come across with confidence and enthusiasm. Avoid slumping in your chair or fidgeting nervously. Before the interview, practice how you will sit. Relax your shoulders, sit up and make direct eye contact – and remember to smile as this will make you look confident and friendly. Use your hands to gesture, just as you would if you were talking to someone in a normal situation.

Selling yourself

“Why should we give you this job?”

“What’s special about you?”

“What makes you think you’re right for this role?”

These are typical interview questions, so have answers ready, based on the list of strengths and your experience.

Remember, you’ve done really well to get this interview. Now you need to make sure they understand just how right you are for the job. They are not mind readers… You have to tell them while demonstrating confidence, enthusiasm and commitment.

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