Interview Skills

In this blog you’ll find a number of posts on how to improve your job interview skills and get the job of your dreams.

You’ll discover a number of techniques to help you prepare before the inteview; how to control your nerves during the interview; and how to answer even difficult questions convincingly.

So have a look at the different interview skills articles below.  Good luck with your next job interview and remember, practice makes perfect.

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Answering Interview Question – What’s your biggest weakness?

When faced with the interview question “what’s your biggest weakness?” rather than panicking and worrying about how you might talk yourself out of the job, it’s worth thinking about why they ask this question.

They want to assess your self-awareness, your willingness to develop and your honesty. It is therefore important to be honest but also to make sure you come across positively. So telling the interviewer that you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning and that you’re often late for work is not a good weakness to talk about! There is such a thing as being too honest… Continue reading

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How to sell yourself in a job interview

Many people find this challenging because they worry they will sound like they’re showing off. It can help to think about it in a different way. You’re not showing off, you’re just explaining directly and positively, why you are right for the job.

Make a list of all your strengths and all your positive qualities and why you would be great for this role. Ask your colleagues Continue reading

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How to deal with competency based interviews

Increasingly, interviews are based on competencies. These are particular skills and qualities they are looking for in a candidate. Some examples of competencies are:

  • Leadership
  • Team working
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict management
  • Delegation
  • Influencing
  • Risk taking
  • Integrity

Continue reading

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Dealing with difficult interview questions

Here are some types of questions that candidates can find challenging.

1) Questions you would rather not answer.

These are the ones which touch a nerve or sore point. They usually relate to something you feel insecure about or which you believe will prevent you getting a job. The result can be that you become defensive when answering or else blurt out unnecessary information which weakens your case. It’s important to think about the question and to have planned your answer, rather than just hoping it won’t come up. Be honest, but also be aware you are selling yourself. So, don’t talk at length about your horrible colleagues who made your life a misery. Instead aim to turn what you perceive to be a weakness into an opportunity. Continue reading

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How to Prepare for a Job Interview

There is so much information available on the Internet so make the most of it and find out as much as you can about the company. As well as their website, have a search for news items and see if there are any discussion boards or blogs which may be relevant.  This really is the easy bit so give yourself every chance by making sure you know as much about the company as possible. Avoid what happened to one candidate when he announced how keen he was to work for the Commission for Racial Equality only to be told, that was great, but this was a completely different organisation! Not a great start to the interview. Continue reading

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“Tell me about yourself” interview question

This question seems to strike fear into the hearts of many candidates – and yet, ironically, the motivation for asking it is to relax people at the beginning of the interview! It also allows you to get off to a good start and to highlight some key, interesting facts about yourself – so make the most of the opportunity. Continue reading

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How to overcome interview nerves

Everyone gets nervous at a job interview. If you didn’t get nervous, it would mean you didn’t care. The problem is that sometimes the nerves can affect your performance so you may appear lacking in energy or unenthusiastic or just plain terrified! So here are some crucial techniques to help you control your nerves. Continue reading

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